Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Wiredtree Review - 10% Lifetime Discount or 50% First Two Months

I decided to review the services of WiredTree lifetime review the previous week. The change was so much sleeker than the uptime at our last host A2 Hosting that I suppose no one even knew that it was done. Not understanding what or how the transition of our website to the new server was going to turn out, I was anxious about it and delayed the relocation for months.
My fears were unfounded, however, because of the superior guidance and aid of WiredTree's personnel.

I had been employing A2 Hosting's services for well over a year. Unsatisfactory downtime and poor customer assistance were what we were forced to go through during our time with them. What made us stay with them in spite of this was that they were inexpensive and also on account of our uneasiness regarding the transition. The allegedly unlimited (we will talk at length about this we will talk at length about this afterwards) and very cheap packages that A2 Hosting offered were what drew us to them. Our once a month payment didn't even come up to $10.

Even though I consider myself quite well-versed in anything regarding computers, switching from one hosting server to a new one made me nervous. Increasing my stress was that we also needed to transition from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Server operations is something that's very new to me so I was afraid that the switch would be a extensive and complicated operation. I've got a full-time law practice to run, and no time to screw around with server procedures.
On price and anxiety, we would have stayed with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. A2 Hosting told us that the package we paid for was an limitless one but they recently notified us that we were making use of too many information on that package. I still haven't understood how A2 Hosting considers we can make use of too much of our unrestricted information. Well, the last straw was when A2 stated to us we had one week to relocate.
On somebody's suggestion, I looked into and selected WiredTree.
This assessment is purely founded on my experience only and as a result, this may not be the case for other clients.

Now you understand why WiredTree is numbered amongst U.S.'s fastest growing enterprises. I would strongly suggest WiredTree to those who need a VPS or a dedicated server. I've been utilizing them for two years now and have had no problem with them.

The charges are five times what A2 Hosting offered but after we employed WiredTree's services, we could see the big improvement. I was reassured by WiredTrees remarkable security and assistance that we'd made the right move.. While it needed hours before I could get any response for my support tickets at A2 Hosting, WiredTree sent response in minutes. WiredTree even phoned me on my mobile to validate that I'd placed an order. (A person talking with me over the phone!)

It didn't require much time for the move to conclude with one of the support staff steering me through every phase from copying our old host, moving it and our website names to the new one. All told, the complete process was over inside of the hour. The efficiency of WiredTree's personnel is such that even someone who is not technically-minded will readily know what needs to be executed under their in-depth assistance. The transition from A2 Hosting to WiredTree Hosting was so effortless that it's no wonder no one was aware of it. So the outcome is a definite yes for our new host, WiredTree.